Key Features

Here are some of the key Asset Rabbit features to help you manage your assets.

Simple Interface

Asset Rabbit was designed with the user in mind, providing a simple and intuitive interface. Whether you are an infrequent user who needs to check the status of an asset or a power user, who checks in and out assets all day, Asset Rabbit's straightforward interface allows for a quick and easy process.

Capturing Incoming Assets

You can add new inventory as it arrives on the manage asset menu item. Simply click on the Add button, select the asset type for the new inventory and the required fields will be displayed for entry. Fill in the remaining data, which might include the name of the person who the item is checked out to or the physical location of the asset and click save. If you use serial number labels, they will print out for you automatically once the new assets are created.


Suppose you've deployed many assets of the same type and a modification is required. Simply click on the E-mail notification button and write a custom email to notify only the people who currently have the asset

For those who deploy assets, notifications can be set up for most events, including to let you know when an asset is returned or when a manager has approved the asset expense.

Categories & Asset Types

Whether you're running an operation with many different types of assets or project based asset activites, categories and asset types allow for grouping assets together for easy tracking. Users can easily find the asset they are looking for by navigating to or filtering by the category and asset type. Categories and asset types are very easy to set up and allow for lots of customization in defining the properties tracked for each asset.

Administration Functions

Asset Rabbit provides all the tools needed for an administrator to manage the application. Adding and removing users is a snap. You can easily change global privilges for a user who will be checking in and out assets or will be managing a category. Need to retire a category because the project is complete--we've got you covered.


Asset Rabbit provides a powerful, but easy to use search capability. When an asset comes in, simply scan the serial number bar code into the search field and the asset record will pop up. You can read the history of the asset, add notes, and then change the status of the asset. Use the same process when you re-deploy the asset--simply scan the barcode into the search field, add the name of the person recieving the asset, and then save.


Most pages provide a simple filtering interface to show only the assets you're interested in. And once you've set up the filter, you can export all the displayed records to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis or to share with a teammate.

Privileges & Roles

If you need to control which users have access to each project, you can use user privileges and roles. Privileges allow you to control who has access to the different categories, while roles provide global capabilities to users.


Changes to all records are recorded in the record history. This is especially useful for individual assets and allows you to determine the pedigry of the asset from initial creation through end of life.

Label Printing

When creating an asset, the app can generate a serial number for you. With an inexpensive label printing solution, you can print out serial number labels for all of the assets you deploy. When you want to learn about the history of an asset or check it in, just scan the bar code into the search bar.


Have a big shippment coming in or an existing spreadsheet with your tracked assets? No problem! Asset Rabbit allows you to quickly create records for incoming assets and integrates printing of linked serial number tags.

Check In / Out

If you need to quickly change the owner of an asset or a group of assets, use Check In / Out. This feature allows you to scan in the barcode for the asset and select the user to check-out the asset to. With quick check, you can quickly checkout one item to a user. Bulk check allows you to scan in multiple assets, even if they are different, and assign a new owner quickly.

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