All the assets that matter to you

Whether you're a power user who tracks and deploys assets on a daily basis, or someone who only needs to look at assets once in a while, Asset Rabbit presents the information you need in a neat, simple to read format. You can sort the data by category, asset type, the person who is assigned the asset, and in so many other ways.

Adding assets is a piece of cake

Deploying a new asset is very straightforward. Select the asset that you are deploying, select the name of the recipient, add any unique notes you may have, and you're done. The tool will even print out the serial number label for you.


Track as much or as little data as you'd like. If you need to collect data that isn't in the default form, simply create a custom field to meet your needs. Asset Rabbit supports lists, numbers, text, currency, and many other customizable fields.


Keep track of the asset as it's passed from one person to another. Take notes as modifications or repairs are made and retire the asset when a repeated failure occurs. No more wasting time with a faulty asset.